West ashe creative

a full-service video production company specializing in documentary and commercial film projects

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What we do

Filmmaking, photography, brand development, and consulting. Everything you need to create unique and engaging content for your product or business.

We combine our passion for photography and filmmaking with a focus on helping create amazing content for businesses and brands. Collaborating with clients helps us tell the unique stories that help bring great ideas to life. From concept to delivery: we write, produce, shoot, edit and color grade in house.


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Helping people is what we do, but it doesn’t hurt to have fun doing it
— Founder
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who we are

We are photographers, filmmakers, dog lovers and crossfit enthusiasts. More importantly, we are a group of passionate storytellers that love to help take ideas to the next level. Helping people is what we do, but it doesn’t hurt that we have a lot of fun doing it!


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What makes us different? Anybody can make a video and put it online; Solving problems and telling compelling stories are the difference between effective marketing, and, wasting time and resources. We love our clients and want them to succeed as much as they do. We know that we can only succeed if you do. That's why we strive to become an extension of our client’s team and help create content people enjoy, but that's just the beginning! We help build a unified user experience that transcends beyond a single YouTube video. By understanding the brand and employing a custom strategy to reach your customers, our team can make a difference helping to establish a measurable and effective platform for your businesses to operate moving forward.






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Photos, like video, but not moving. If you are in need of regular social media content, product photography, or event photography, we have you covered. Check our selection of sample work below or shoot us a message and see how we can help create amazing visuals for your site or brand.


Feature 1

Asheville is home to over 30 craft beer breweries and counting. Not to mention all the amazing spirits, cocktails and even kombucha being made here. Drinks might be our favorite thing to shoot photos of, so check out some of our samples and let us know what you think.


Feature 2

We have a great relationship with food. Mostly us really enjoying eating it, but sometimes we are lucky enough to photograph it as well. Beer isn't all we have here in Asheville, we also have some amazing restaurants. Check out some of these shots and tell me you aren't hungry!


Feature 3

Oh people, you amaze us. From the colorful events we shoot to some of our favorite humans in the communities we work in, check out some of our favorite shots of the people we have had the opportunity to meet and share stories with.