Creative: Episode 2 - Jon Sanford

When I started Creative as a series for 2018, the only goal was to explore a diverse set of creative outlets to see if I could find a common thread in the interpretation of the word creativity. The first idea I had for non-traditional artforms was a tattoo artist.

The irony, of course, is that tattoo is actually an extremely traditional medium. Throughout time and across many cultures, people have used the art of tattoo to express themselves, their heritage, or display symbolic imagery. So we asked ourselves, what is it like to be passionate about art and drawing when your canvas has such a permanent outcome?

Enter Jon Sanford, a tattoo artist in Asheville, NC at Hot Stuff Tattoo on the West side of town. I met Jon at my gym, and one look at him confirms that he may know a thing or 2 about tattoos. After chatting a bit I quickly realized that Jon is one of those rare artists that have a need rather than a desire to express himself through his drawing and painting. A passion that has grown into his profession today.

Check out this month's episode, Permanence with Jon and let us know what you think. Have an idea for someone doing something Creative that we should talk to? Shoot us a message and let us know! If you are feeling like you need to get a new tattoo, let Jon know West Ashe sent you!

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