Stormbreaker - Mississippi Red - Portland, Or

We recently made a trip to beer mecca, Portland Oregon and it was an amazing time. It has been a few years since our last trip, and a few notable additions have moved to town. One standout being Stormbreaker, tucked in a cool little corner spot, right in the middle of the action on Mississippi Avenue in North Portland.

I was drawn to this place because of their marketing, reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s arcade games and cartoons. Big bold colors and characters are utilized across all their marketing: website, beer labels and my favorite, the bar swag.  Some reminded me of classic cartoons I watched as a kid, like their Right As Rain, a He-Man and The Masters of The Universe character who traded in his sword for a beer, (just like the kids of that generation).

This dry hopped red ale was a very pleasant surprise. I feel like I always roll the dice when I order red ales. This tasty little bastard, however, did not disappoint. Surprisingly drinkable, at 5.8% it still had enough of a kick to add a little pep to my step in my afternoon of Portland brewery hopping. A generous amount of Citra hops really made for an interesting take on an IPA, with a smooth finish. The hops were balanced with a nice addition of malts, creating a caramel finish without over powering the initial taste.

Overall, I was very excited to check this place out because of the branding. The beer didn’t disappoint and I was super stoked to take in the atmosphere. Wandering Mississippi Ave in Portland allows for a varied collection of unique experiences, but make sure to stop into Stormbreaker and see if a little lightening stikes. 

Colby SextonComment