New Anthem Beer Project - Wilmington, NC

While on vacation in Wilmington, NC this past week we had the pleasure of checking out New Anthem Brewing. Everyone in town said these were the guys to go see and they didn't disappoint.

New Anthem Brewing - West Ashe

They had a pretty good selection of beers on draft of which we tried a flight, but it was their canned IPA's that I really enjoyed. The first was Throwing Shade, a New England-style IPA that, despite it's cloudy appearance, was full of tasty hop flavor. 

New Anthem Brewing - Throwing Shade - West Ashe

The next beer, Five Thieves, was a more straightforward West Coast-style IPA that was an absolute hop bomb. Super tasty with a really nice aroma.

Five Thieves - New Anthem - West Ashe

If you get the opportunity to try this beer, I would definetly do it. Lot's of choices, great cans options, and super friendly folks in the taproom. Cheers!