Paper Crane Farm - Marshall, NC

 Located in a beautiful mountain valley on 4.5 acres about 45 minutes North of Asheville, is Paper Crane Farm. A small-scale migratory farm located in Marshall, NC. 

West Ashe - Paper Crane Farm - Joe

Throughout 2017 West Ashe will be working on a project following the growing season to chronicle the story of your food, from farm to table. Production started in the small greenhouse located on the property this Spring, as owner Joe Evans, began seeding a variety of crops. 

West Ashe - Paper Crane Farm - Seeding
West Ashe - Paper Crane Farm - Roots

Our most recent visit had the broccoli we filmed as seeds transitioning to beautiful looking plants in the field, situated next to colorful rows of kale and lettuce. 

West Ashe - Paper Crane Farm - Fields

Stay tuned for this amazing project as we spend the rest of the year filming. If you are interested in learning more about Joe and Paper Crane Farm, check out his website, or visit him at one of the Asheville area farmer's markets!

West Ashe - Paper Crane Farm - Planting
West Ashe - Paper Crane Farm - Lettuce