Mountain Madre - Asheville, NC

Mountain Madre - Burrito Bowl

With quite the selection of top rated restaurants, delicious food trucks, and specialty dinner options, Asheville has solidified its place as a foodie Mecca. One of the newer options in town is Mountains Madre, a Mexican Restaurant and Agave Bar located on Walnut Street downtown.

The moment you walk in, there is a refreshing sense of light, the natural light flooding in plays effectively off the inviting, warm wood textures which seems to beckon you to pull up a chair. As you walk up the stairs towards the bar,  an impressive selection of tequilas (the largest in Asheville) greets you from behind the bar. 

Mountain Madre - Chef Kyle

Chef Kyle offers up fresh and familiar Mexican options from burritos and tacos to daily specials featuring: fresh seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and unique recipes like bacon guacamole or chorizo mussels. 

Mountain Madre has set itself apart with its cocktail selection. A massive selection of tequilas in all shapes and sizes is used to craft modern and unique cocktails. Try the standard margarita, made with fresh citrus juices; it's one of the best in town! 

Mountain Madre - Margarita

Whether you are looking for something nostalgic or something more one-of-a-kind like the Anejo Old Fashioned or the Spice of Life featuring a chil-spiced rim, Mountain Madre can accommodate your desires.  

If you are looking to spice things up while in Asheville, check out Mountain Madre.