The Beauty of Natural Light (and Fruit)

While making breakfast this morning I was struck by the beauty of the humble blackberry. Yes, I sometimes get caught up in the simplest of things. I don't want to sound like that weird character in American Beauty who films the plastic bag floating around, but I was compelled to take some photos of my breakfast in an effort to capture the subtle beauty of simple things. 

West Ashe Food Photography - fruit Bowl

Simply placing my bowl of breakfast on the window and letting the light hit it just right allowed for (what I think) a great photo. Sometimes I think we are trying to reinvent the wheel to get the perfect shot, and we negate the path of least resistance. Natural light is your friend, in many instances, and help you get the right look that messing with lights can sometimes prove difficult to achieve. I fall victim to this plenty, and I always try and take a minute to ask myself, is there an easier way?

West Ashe Food Photography - cup of tea

Photography can sometimes challenge and frustrate you, but the ability to produce stunning images is like a drug begging you to take another shot or tweak a little more. Take some time to enjoy the simple things, take a picture of them, and appreciate the details in life as a way to inspire your work in the future.

West Ashe Food Photography - Breakfast
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