7 Ton Letterpress and Design Co.

7ton - West Ashe

Asheville locals have known for a while that West Asheville is home to many hidden gems. Tucked quietly away amongst homes and gardens, 7 Ton Design and Letterpress Co. is both a member of the community and a business that serves it. You may pass by their studio noting only the modern building with its beautiful front windows and fresh coat of paint, but like most things in West Asheville, you cannot judge this place until you’ve been in and met the amazing people who work there. Ele, Jennifer, and Beth comprise 7 Ton. They each have serious marketing and graphic design backgrounds, with decades long experience that they use to craft unique and trend-forward pieces for their clients.

7 Ton creates modern design and prints using a vintage letterpress printing process. Inks are mixed by hand, each sheet of paper is hand-fed through the press – the process is mesmerizing and meticulous. My favorite piece I saw while we were filming was a beautiful print of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The ink was blended to just the right hue, to create that soft hazy feeling you get when standing amidst the smokies.

Below is a promo video we created for 7 Ton which details their creative process. If you are interested in seeing more samples of their work, or learning more about these amazing ladies, here is the link to their website.