Creativity and Small Business

What is creativity? Is it the ability to make art? The ability to draw or paint? Many business owners make the mistake of thinking they are not creative because they translate creativity into being artistic. What if creativity is a mindset? What if you were to adopt the philosophy that being creative is the way you approach everyday tasks? 

I like to think of creativity as a unique way of looking at problems. Sometimes this may translate into being artistic, but creativity can just as likely mean taking a different path to get a new result. Naturally, this can take many forms but the basic concept is to recognize and value creative thinking. Perhaps this means brainstorming new ideas with employees, collaborating with other businesses to try a new approach, or simply soliciting ideas from people outside your industry.

The trouble some folks run into is that they simply take for granted the day to day operations of their businesses. Taking the time to step away and look at how things are done, and why, is an integral part of staying ahead of the competition. Encouraging a creative mindset for your business encourages your team to actively participate in the success of your product or service. This isn't new, it's being done in thousands of businesses at this very moment. The question is, is yours?

Colby SextonComment