Creative Mornings Asheville Video Submission

This week West Ashe is proud to introduce you to our latest project, a submission for Creative Mornings. We teamed up with Jennifer from 7 Ton, an Asheville letterpress and design company, and Rachel from Arts for Life, a local non-profit. We also had a chance to collaborate with many other upstanding Asheville businesses and business owners. The goal of the project is to promote why Asheville is the perfect fit to host the Creative Mornings lecture series. Think of them as creative based TED Talks. It will take place one Friday every month and revolve around a key word, with a goal to create open, collaborative dialogue, and hopefully inspire others along the way.

Here at West Ashe one of our goals is to help our local arts community grow. We think bringing Creative Mornings to Asheville is an amazing way to not only join a national dialogue, but to help initiate it on a local level by providing a venue for local creatives to network and get inspired.

So check out Creative Mornings, check out our submission, and keep an eye out for our Asheville chapter, hopefully coming to a Friday morning near you. Enjoy!!

Colby SextonComment