It's Time To Take Action

The difference that makes a successful business or entrepreneur has nothing to do with their business plan or financing; It's not a lack of vision that holds people back, it's a lack of action.

I have been guilty of this myself. You think and think about the best way to do something, the right tools, the right approach, and you exhaust yourself. If I had a dollar for every "great" idea that never saw the light of day I would be a rich man. The problem was never the lack of vision or the prospect of success, it was simply the fact that I never took the simplest steps to make it into a reality. I would be so worried about it being perfect, that I would accomplish absolutely nothing.

"The biggest failures will always be better than the best laid plans that only exist in your head".

Shortly before launching West Ashe publicly, I heard this quote in a podcast. I don't recall who said it, but it spoke volumes to me. It made me realize that without flirting with the possibility of failure, there could never be the opportunity for success. You hear this all the time if you pay attention to business coaches or successful entrepreneurs, but it pays to hammer this point home.

There are 3 simple steps you can do to start your new business, quit your job and follow your dreams, or whatever it is you wish you could do.

Step 1 - Don't try to be perfect

If you get caught up on the idea that everything has to be perfect before anyone else can see it, no one will! There is a reason that websites get redesigned or companies re-brand, and it isn't just for the sake of change. Getting your logo, website, or product out to customers and clients invites the people that matter most to give you feedback and then you can tweak as needed. Some people refer to this as blind spots. When you are so caught up in your own world, you tend to miss a few things.

Step 2 - Don't compare yourself to others

This step is super easy in theory and damn near impossible in real life, but it is 100% necessary. If you are constantly comparing yourself to those in your industry or field, you are in for a frustrating time. Here's the thing, they aren't you. I will say that again because it's important! Your competitors are not you! The only way you will be successful and stand out is to embrace your unique attributes, not copy others.

Now I will say, that does not mean your shouldn’t research others. You should, in fact, research the people you intend to compete with, but there is s difference in comparing and researching. Use the knowledge to discover your advantage, your unique attribute, or whatever it is you can use to stand out.

Step 3 - Just do it

I feel like you should have been expecting this one. The moral of the story is to take action! You will never see the success you want if you never get started. The people that don't take action and adjust as needed are the folks that look back and wish they had at least tried. So just do it. Get going and do it!

Colby SextongoalsComment