Educate and Entertain

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One of the first conversations we tend to have at West Ashe with new clients is discussing what sort of content we need to produce; we are, after all, a content creation agency at heart. While it's true that many clients will come to us with a specific need, like a training video or a promotional piece for an event, you need to be creating content on a regular basis (the new trend) to effectively advertise and market online.

This has driven us to focus on the world we operate in, the online world. The brands that are doing well, no matter their size, are doing a great job of posting relevant, consistent content, that speaks to their audience. They are not simply reminding you they are there when you need them like traditional advertising, rather they attempt to give you something you need or enjoy.

Traditional advertising was geared towards being at the right place at the right time, so when you thought about what beer to drink or what car you might start shopping for, their name was the first to come to mind. The problem with this in today's marketplace is the consumer has figured it out. Consumers, for the most part, are creatures of habit and they consume many of the same things on a regular basis. They have a preferred soda or a favorite toothpaste, and so they view the world of traditional advertising as an annoyance that they have to put up with. Why else would Spotify Premium or On-Demand Television even exist if consumers were not deliberately trying to avoid advertising at all costs?

Today's savvy customer is searching out information and entertainment more than ever before. The irony is, that it does not necessarily matter where that entertainment comes from, so long as it is good. Red Bull is a great example of how a company has fully embraced the concept of content creation for entertainment's sake. They have an entire division of their company dedicated to creating kick-ass media for people to enjoy with no direct traditional advertising, just artful logo placement and branding.

People don't want to be advertised to anymore they want to be entertained or educated. Next time you think about your social media strategy or your next YouTube video, stop and think about what your fans are asking you for. Stop and think about what your core demographic is consuming for entertainment or what they want to be informed about. Ask yourself where does their genuine interest lie? Once you start, you may be surprised to find that engagement with your customers starts to rise and that people are looking to you to give them the much-needed break from the daily onslaught of advertising the world bombards them with daily.

Colby SextonComment