Understanding the why

Understanding the why? Sounds like a deep question, huh? Like some sort of introspective journey to know one’s self? I guess it could be, but in this context we are talking about business, and specifically, the marketing of your business. Many people know they need to advertise and market their business, but many times they don’t understand how.


We believe the most important thing for a business to do when thinking about advertising is understanding who they are, and why they do it, and attempting to communicate that to their customers. Understanding why you do something helps cut through all the typical marketing jargon and gimmicky tricks that people use to sell their product or service. Think of the “why” as your flashlight on a dark trail. By concentrating on that light and moving forward, you will inevitably end up where you need to go.


For example, a client walks in and says “I need a video. My last video isn’t working and I need another video.” Well, we can certainly help with that, after all, we do create video. The more important question is why is that video not working? After some discussion, the reality may be that the video is perfect, they simply need some help getting it seen. Perhaps it’s an issue of better SEO, better social engagement, etc. By asking why you need a video it forces you to understand how to get the most out of that product.

Many times, people go into a project asking what should this look like? What do I need to advertise? Who is my target audience? These are all important questions, but they all need to follow the question of why? Asking why do I need to advertise will help you answer the what and to whom questions with a better sense of purpose.