Different is Better Than Better: How to stand out among other small businesses

What does it mean to be different in the world of business? In the age of the internet, social media, and short attention spans, how does a company stand out in the crowd? In today’s competitive market it is sometimes easy to get caught up in the hand to hand combat of competing against other businesses based on price or advertising, but by concentrating on what makes you stand out against your competitors, you can attract those consumers or businesses that value a unique experience over price or convenience.

It sounds counter intuitive but don’t worry about prices or getting a project or product done as fast as possible. In the competitive business market we live in today, there will always be a competitor that has more money, more man power, or a bigger marketing budget than you have. How are you suppose to compete against that? By being different. In Portland Oregon there is a company called Voodoo Donuts that executes this concept extremely well. They specialize in making doughnuts in a very different way. They are famous for their Maple Bacon Bar made with maple syrup and bacon on top, or the Captain My Crunch that is covered in Captain Crunch cereal. People line up around the block and wait hours to get inside to have one of their doughnuts. They have no seating in their shop and when they run out they close down. They are doing it their way and it is a hit. By concentrating on doing something different they have created a demand for their product that most small businesses dream of.

Concentrating on being different doesn’t force you to be something you’re not, rather it allows you to focus on your strengths. It allows you to highlight the unique advantage you have over your competitors, and the best part is, it comes with little effort. By concentrating on who you are, you take the guess work out of figuring out who you should be. Approaching the decisions in your company based on what makes you unique, instead of what the other guy is doing, allows you to set yourself apart naturally. To truly succeed in a competitive market don’t try and change who you are. Become more of who you are.

Colby SextonComment